The National Council of Education, Bengal is located adjacent to the present Jadavpur University campus. It is about 2 km from Gariahat Junction, about a km from Jadavpur Railway Station, 30 meters from Jadavpur University Post Office and about 100 meters from the Jadavpur Police Station. The Bus Stop known as 'Bengal Lamp Bus Stop' is right at the gate number 4 of the Jadavpur University.

Inside the NCE, Bengal Campus there are Jadavpur Vidyapith School, Institute of Business Management, Indumati Sabha Griha, School of Social Work and Community Service, United Bank of India, Jadavpur Vidyapith Branch.

Important places around are:

  • (a) Central Glass and Ceramic Institute
  • (b) Regional Institute of Printing Technology
  • (c) A P Ray Polytechnic
  • (d) Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
  • (e) Indian Institute of Chemical Biology
  • (f) Gate Number 4 (Arts College Gate) of Jadavpur University
  • (g) State Bank of India ATM
  • (h) United Bank of India ATM
  • (i) United Bank of India, Jadavpur Vidyapith Branch
  • (j) Jadavpur Vidyapith
  • (k) Gate Number 3 of Jadavpur University
  • (l) Jadavpur Post Office
  • (m) State Bank of Inida, Jadavpur University Branch
  • (n) Gate Number 2 of Jadavpur University
  • (o) Jadavpur Railway Station
  • (p) KPC Medical College